May 22, 2007

On Hiatus

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I know I said I was back. But my laptop is no longer with us so I no longer have a place to blog easily, plus I can’t get pictures uploaded since I don’t have a camera of sorts any longer. But I am making wonderful progress on the shawl half a repeat on the second chart and then the edging and blocking of course. Stuck on my Dad’s sweater though. >.<


April 12, 2007

My Little Rant of the Evening

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I know I haven’t been updating much, but my comp is once again out of service >.< And they is a craft blog, but I’m pissed off.

I know everyone always talks about how the media effects people’s, especially women’s self-esteem, and most people don’t want to hear it again, but it’s my blog and I need to rant. I’ve just spent the whole day at a check stand with a People’s magazine staring me in the face.


Now normally I don’t have an issue with People, but this issue just irritated me. I know nothing of the article other than Bertinelli wants to lose weight and all. But if you look at the cover it shows her 27 years ago and her now and in all honesty I thought she was in her 20s and in that horribly baggy shirt just makes her look so much more overweight than she is. It just makes is seem like one of those ‘You need to look like this not this… oh and btw we went out of our way to make her look bigger with this baggy tee shirt. Nevermind that she looks in her 2os when she is 47 and completely adorable’

I do realize she is a bit overweight and that it’s her who wants to lose the weight. I just don’t like the cover. I think it sends the wrong message.  Especially with a history as a dancer and having wide hips and busty. None of the other ballerinas were as big as me and no matter how hard I tried I could never be as skinny or ‘perfect’

March 29, 2007

Feeling Inspired

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From a pair of earrings I bought at my store no less. Rite Aid produced something to inspire me to design myself an outfit to go with these. So I’m going to go and sketch out the outfit and see what I can get done tonight ^^

But I’m also so so dumb. I just realized that the mistake I couldn’t find in the shawl, after two days of hiding from it not wanting to rip it back was because there was no mistake in it. I was reading the wrong line in the pattern >.< I feel this has happened because I told my friend that I hadn’t made a mistake. >.<

March 26, 2007


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I’ve been a dancer all my life. Even as a baby I would dance in my car seat. These last few years have been rough on me. My body won’t let me dance anymore and even more recently knitting is starting to hurt me. I need to start taking medications for this. But it won’t fix my knees or back. I’ve been a ballerina mostly and jazz dancer after that but I’ve also done some tap, modern, swing, ballroom, even a bit of hip hop. But my favorite was Eisa. It’s a traditional Okinawan dance to the Taiko drum. I miss my Taiko drums too. They are in storage. I need to find some where to teach me Eisa again. I miss it so so much. I have a few tapes with the music but I can’t remember it all.

eisa -asatoya yunta-

March 10, 2007


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I hate blogging without my pictures. I’m thinking of putting the blog on haitus until I can get a camera… HAHA I couldn’t afford one… my boyfriend and I can barely afford to feed ourselves… on the upside I’m getting my new cables from KnitPicks. I’m so exicted… though my expression probably doesn’t show it. I just got back from Bridge to Terabithia… that movie is so sad. Disney is such a cruel company.

March 5, 2007

Random Post

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I’ve been thinking lately about a lot of stuff. I’ve been in such a chaotic state, but this whole FlyLady thing has really helped me out. I haven’t done too much just a few babysteps and my life has been much calmer. I’ve been sleeping better and my confidence has gone up. Even my knitting has been going better. I’m still angry at Denise, but it isn’t making my go insane. I remembered something today. I’m the photo girl at my Rite Aid and I’m happiest working there then cashiering or working on the floor. Today I figured out why. When I was a little girl I always wanted to learn how they did it. Now I know. It’s not the most interesting or challenging thing in the world but it is a fun part of the job. This post is so random. I’m hoping to update the look of the blog soon. Just need to get the motivation.

March 4, 2007

Damn cycle

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I need to order the 40″ for my Options kit… too bad I don’t have money. It’s so irritating. My job doesn’t pay enough and my funds are mixed with my boyfriends and since he’s blind he can’t get a job in this damn town so he’s reliant on SSI, but they’ve been screwing him the last couple months and we’ve been scrapping to make rent let alone buy food or other neseccities so I’m not going to be funding my crafts for a bit… maybe next week when my paycheck comes in… but my hours were cut along with everyone else’s were too since we aren’t meeting budget lately since no one wants to go out in the snow. It’s so frustrating not to have money. I’m in a horrible cycle too since I want to sell crafts, but I can’t since I don’t have the time. So I could quit my job and dedicate my time to making and selling crafts, but then since my stash is only yarn right now and a bit of fleece I couldn’t make stuff fast enough to make money so I’d need a job, then I’d lose the time again. >.<  Anyway… back to knitting.

March 2, 2007


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I forgot just how horribly frustrating the Denise kit is… I swear the things come apart on my Dad’s sweater a jaggilion times and it’s really setting me back. I’m sucking it up and ordering the 40″ cable for my KnitPicks Options… I adore the kit just thought I’d save some money by using the Denise… I know there are fans but I just hate the kit. I don’t want ot just throw it out though… maybe I’ll donate it to one of the thrift shops out here. I’m really hoping to be done with everything on my list soon. I have so much to do and not much time to do it… the shawl and sweater are the big projects, but I’m craving socks so I’m about to cast on the VTS from knitty. I’ve been meaning to use this project as a stash buster and an intro to sock knitting since I started to knit two summers ago and now that I’m freezing in the snow they are looking nice. I’m off to go cast on and forget about the horrors that await me in my WIPs bag.

BTW Anyone buy the KIP Bags on KnitPicks. They look like something I’ll want to invest in so I’m hoping to find some reviews on them.

February 28, 2007

Finally Back (For Real This Time)

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I finally got moved into my apartment after being homeless for a bit and bouncing from place to place. It took so long to get AT&T to hook up my Internet it was so irritating. But everything is good now. My apartment is a mess though since I was sick during the move in and everytime I have the time to fix it I seem to be sick. I started on the FlyLady’s program. I love it and I’m just starting officially today. You start off by shining your sink and I’m waiting for the bleach to do it’s magic. I’m feeling uplifted already and I haven’t really done anything yet. I’m still working on Christmas gifts but I’m not too worried the ones that are really late to the people who don’t really gift give with me are going to wait til next Christmas and my boyfriend’s family will be getting theirs soon and as for my family… my Dad is being sent off to Kuwait for a year… I was really hoping he would be able to avoid being deployed, but he’s being sent out in mid-July and I haven’t seen my family in two years now. The rest of my family will be moving just a few hours from where I am thank god, and I will be able to see my Dad for a month before he’s deployed since he’ll be coming with my family from Turkey to help get them moved in. I figured in would be nice for me to give the gifts in person since I have the chance. Plus the gifts for my parents are big knit projects. Kiri for my mom (everything is finally going well with it) and a sweater for my Dad. I also want to make him a going away gift but I don’t know what…. I still need a digital camera. I’m thinking about maybe a scrapbook of everything he’s missed while I’ve been away.. not sure though. We also got at least a foot and a half of snow, which is the most I’ve ever been in since I grew up in the tropics. I’m also going to be going back to school soon so hopefully everything goes well with the move I have planned.

September 25, 2006

And I’m Back

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It’s been so long since I’ve updated this blog. Let’s see what’s happened since my last post…

Well first the house we were supposed to rent and move into on the 1st of this month fell through. The landlady stopped calling us so we tried to get ahold of her for days. We thought maybe it had something to do with a rumor that started about my boyfriend breaking into cars in the middle of the night. Now everyone who knows him knows this rumor is just ridiculous. The most important thing to know is that he is 90% blind, he’s more likely to run into a car than rob it, especially at night. Second, this happened before I had my job so we were together 24/7. The lady who’s car was robbed just targeted him since he wears a trench coat. Anyways… we finally found out third hand… yeah third hand, that the lady wasn’t calling us because she sold the house she promised to us. She has yet to tell us herself.

Second, I have my job. I’m now a cashier at a grocery store. I’m looking to be getting my first $ .25 raise soon(my keyboard doesn’t have a cent symbol…) It’s nothing interesting but the pay is alright and I love most of my co-workers. There is one girl who will not answer my calls for another clerk and only checks her friends it’s really irritating since I’m usually the only one checking. >.<

Craft-wise I haven’t had much time to get things done but I have restarted Kiri from the beginning. I couldn’t get myself to keep going with the one that was messed up… too much bad feelings with it. But I’m still having issues with row 27 like before everytime I get there I realize something is messed up… so in reality it’s row 25 that’s giving me issues. I have been working on the Short n’ Sweet from SnB HH. Only done the first couple of rows though. I love it, I can’t wait to actually finish it’s the first garment I’m making and it’s for me.

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